Zygomatic Implants

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Zygomatic Implant

What are zygomatic implants? And when is this dental implant technique indicated?

Zygomatic implantation is one of the most relevant techniques in current implantology. It is indicated for patients who have had high bone absorption and do not have enough bone in the jaw to support implants, and for patients who do not want to undergo bone graft procedures or have failed bone graft treatment. This treatment consists of placing titanium pins on the zygomatic bone (positioned in the cheekbone), through an intraoral access, and its function is to serve as an anchor for dental prostheses.

How is this procedure done?

For the comfort and safety of the patient, this surgery must be performed in a hospital environment under general anesthesia, after placing the implants, the immediate installation of provisional prostheses is performed, returning the smile and chewing the patient the same day.

Between 4 to 6 months, after the osseointegration of the implants, the treatment is finished with the placement of the definitive prostheses, which can be porcelain or hybrid.

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