Periodontal Gum Disease

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Periodontal Gum Disease

It is a chronic degenerative disease that affects from the gums to the bone that supports the tooth, from the least serious to the most serious (they are gingivitis, periodontitis and advanced periodontitis).

The objective of periodontal treatment is to stabilize the disease, to prevent it from getting worse, once stabilized, the focus will be on restoring the damage through various reconstructive procedures.

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In most cases, treatment can be non-surgical, with supra and infragingival plaque and tartar removal with a device used by the dentist called an ultrasound.
For the most serious cases, extraction of the lost tooth, dental implant, bone or soft tissue grafts. prosthesis with pink porcelain or a combination of the above techniques.


Bacteria in plaque, a sticky, colorless film that forms on the tooth, causes periodontal disease.
Several factors can contribute to its aggravation, such as: genetic, environmental (smoking, poor hygiene and poor diet) or dental (root infection, poor dental work, etc.).


Periodontal disease does not always present pain, so it is important to pay attention to any of these symptoms below:

• Gums that bleed easily during brushing or flossing.

• Persistent bad breath or bad taste in the mouth.

• Gingiva retracted.

• Sharp pains when chewing.

• Visible pus around the tooth or gum.

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