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Prepless Veneers,  Lumineers

Unprepared veneers can be used in additive cases (small teeth, teeth with gaps, after orthodontic treatments). Unprepared veneers can only be used on natural and intact teeth. This type of veneer does not require teeth grinding. Technically speaking, they are no different from normal veneers. They have the same aesthetic properties and longevity. In many cases, veneers can be used in conjunction with unprepared veneers, depending on the design of the future smile.

Non invasive It does not require anesthesia.

As unprepared veneers do not require teeth grinding, there is no need for anesthesia, the procedure is completely painless, and has zero postoperative sensitivity.

Immediate impact. No need for temporary restorations

This type of veneer can only be used on healthy and intact teeth, and since they do not require teeth grinding, there is no need for temporaries. The treatment consists of 3 steps: design, impression and bonding of the restoration. And the aesthetic impact is immediate.

¿Why choose Neo Dental?
Why are we the best option for veneers in Cancun?

Neo Dental by Dr. Miller works with the most advanced techniques in the world for the planning and execution of veneers such as DSD and Skyn ​​Concept. The Digital Smile Design (DSD) technique was created by Dr. Christian Coachman and has revolutionized aesthetic dental treatment around the world. DSD optimizes treatment time and allows the patient to actively control and participate in the smile change process. It is possible to know what the smile will be like before starting the treatment.

Importantly, DSD is not just software, video, photos, or drawings. It is a personalized program for each patient, which aims to improve Aesthetic Planning and Smile Design. In addition, it is a more humanistic and artistic work philosophy, which seeks to connect with people through emotions, with better visual communication.

In conclusion, the Skyn ​​concept is a fantastic technique, which allows through the digital workflow to copy specific characteristics of natural teeth and reproduce them on the veneer, thus achieving a more natural and beautiful smile.

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