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Crowns and Inlays

Full or partial porcelain crowns (inlay, onlay) are a smart choice to have a full oral restoration without removing all teeth or replacing some missing teeth, even just one.

When do I need a full or partial crown?

Restore dental implant.
In case you have had a dental implant, you will need to place a crown on the titanium screw, thus restoring the shape, color and function of the lost natural tooth.

Replace large restorations in old resins, making the tooth stronger and more beautiful.
Great loss of tooth structure due to cavities or old crowns.

Replace large amalgam fillings, black fill.

After root canal treatment, there is a case of severe loss of tooth enamel.
Increased vertical dimension (dry mouth) when there is severe wear of the teeth due to bruxism or the action of stomach acids.
Aesthetic reasons.

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What is a full or partial dental crown?

It is a prosthetic piece that aims to replace lost tooth enamel, either at the level of the gum (total crown) or simply a fracture of a part of the tooth (inlay / onlay).

Types of materials used for the manufacture of crowns.

PMMA (ultra resistant resin)

Why choose the Miller Clinic in Cancun?

We have our own dental laboratory with the most advanced computer-aided manufacturing technology (CAD CAM) and we work with top-quality, high-tech materials.
But there are things that machines, no matter how advanced they are, do not do, that is where our master dental technician, with more than 25 years of experience, working in the best dental clinics in Europe, Africa and Latin America, will customize manually. with art and technique, each tooth. Your new smile will be incredibly beautiful and harmonious, because you are unique and you deserve a unique smile.

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