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Professional Teeth Whitening

A smile that shows harmony, with white and well aligned teeth, has become the goal of many people, radically altering the priority issue of the past that was restricted only to oral health care. The care and attention to the image includes the aesthetics of the mouth and teeth, so the search for white teeth has increased considerably.

With the passage of time, the teeth begin to darken as a result of the progressive wear of the enamel and also by eating foods with dyes, which end up pigmenting the teeth; even genetic problems can determine tooth color.

The teeth whitening process can be done in two ways, at home or in the office. In the first case, the specialist isolates the teeth (with a gingival barrier) to protect the gums and applies a whitening gel, allowing a difference to be noticed from the first session. The number of sessions is defined by the dentist and varies according to the needs of each patient.

At home, under the guidance of the dentist, the patient wears a whitening kit consisting of whitening gel and a personalized guard. This process can take from one to three weeks, depending on the degree of yellowing of the teeth. Remembering that the ideal whitening tone is defined together with the professional.

At Neo Dental by Dr. Miller we work with the combination of both techniques. This has been shown to achieve a superior and longer lasting result. It is a safe treatment and the results are immediate; Consult with our experts in oral health to obtain more and better results.

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