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3 on 6

It is the best alternative to dentures. It is permanent, beautiful, comfortable, low maintenance and prevents gum loss.

Getting a new smile with 3 out of 6 implants in Mexico is very easy with us

Permanent placement
Six implants are placed to provide permanent strength and protect against bone loss.

Beautiful bridges
Three beautiful, shiny porcelain bridges are attached to the implants.

Control and comfort
Without an acrylic mouthpiece, eating and talking feels like using your natural teeth.

Minimal maintenance
No glues or rinses. Brushing and flossing is all that is needed.

How do 3 in 6 implants work?

The main feature of 3 over 6 implants uses existing healthy bone as support to restore a smile, therefore the patient receives 3 zirconia bridges supported by 6 implants, each bridge is supported by 2 implants on each side.

Cost of implants 3 out of 6 in Mexico

The average price in the United States is 70% more than the price we offer in Cancun, Mexico. This means that you will get treatment with excellent quality and service, as well as significant savings and outstanding results.

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