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by Dr. Miller Vieira

Dr. Miller Vieira


D.D.S. Methodist University of São Paulo 2005.

MS Postgraduate Program in Cosmetic Dentistry Senac São Paulo.

Master in Dentistry University of Guarulhos São Paulo.

CDT (Certified Dental Technician) 1996.

Certifications in DSD (Digital Smile Design) and SKYN Concept protocols in 2015.

Certified by the São Paulo Association of Surgeons in "Advanced dental implantology - surgical module".

Certificate in "High aesthetic ceramics for anterior teeth" by Professor David Morita da Silva.

Member of the AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry).

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Design smiles with technology, innovation, and quality services respecting the environment and social wellbeing.


To be internationally recognized as a company of excellence in cosmetic dentistry, focusing on a quality relationship with our patients in a sustainable way.


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Service: We are committed to it to exceed our patients’ expectations.

Motivation: Nothing is more rewarding than helping our patients achieve their dreams.

Innovation: It can be found everywhere around us. We are always looking for new ideas.

Listening: This is crucial for making our patients’ dreams come true.

Excellence: Every detail is important to us. That is the only way to achieve an impeccable result.


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Why choose Neo Dental?

Why are we the best option in Cancun?

We are a 5-Star dental clinic in Cancun with more than 2000 cases and 15 years of international experience. Our specialists are ADA (American Dental Association) members, making us the best option for an all-inclusive dental vacation and a leading group in dental aesthetics with 99.9% success. These are some of the reasons why our dental treatments are guaranteed.

Save Up to 70% from USA prices and let us quote a customized package for you, including lab tests, X-rays, transportation, hotel nights, spa treatments, and more.

Wellness Dental Experience-With a team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals, we have an unmatched commitment to patient comfort. Neodental Cancun has earned a reputation for providing the best dental care in a relaxed and welcoming environment, which is why it is the most convenient dental clinic in Cancun.

Neodental Cancun by Dr. Miller works with the most advanced techniques worldwide, such as DSD and Skyn Concept. The Digital Smile Design (DSD) technique was created by Dr. Christian Coachman and has revolutionized aesthetic dental treatment worldwide. DSD optimizes treatment time and allows the patient to control and participate in the smile change process actively. Knowing what the smile will be like before starting the treatment is possible.

DSD is not just software, video, photos, or drawings. It is a personalized program for each patient, which aims to improve aesthetic planning and smile design. In addition, it is a more humanistic and artistic work philosophy that seeks to connect with people through emotions with better visual communication.

In conclusion, the Skyn concept is a fantastic technique that allows the digital workflow to copy specific characteristics of natural teeth and reproduce them on the veneer, thus achieving a more natural and beautiful smile… That is why we are a unique option to get veneers in Mexico.

In-House Dental Lab, At NeoDental we are responsible for the entire process from your first consultation to the perfect smile. Thanks to the fact that we have a dental laboratory we can create each piece that will be part of your new smile and take care of the highest quality from start to finish.

Cutting Edge Technology and Smile Design Process in NeoDental Lab is the following:

  • Scanning- It provides tools for facial and dental diagnosis in five areas: dental-skeletal factors, soft tissue components, facial lengths, projection, and harmony of the parts.

  • DSD (Digital Smile Design)- A program that allows you to simulate virtually the aesthetic improvements of the smile on the patient's face, checking the results of the treatment before starting it, directly on the computer screen.

  • 3D Printing- Performed by intraoral scanning, increasing the comfort of the patient and the effectiveness of their treatment, it allows the manufacturing times of dental work to be reduced, and the precision of the same increases considerably.

  • Milling Machine- Simultaneous milling system. All components of a complex dental restoration can be produced in a single milling process. Indicated for the production of zirconia, resin, wax, pre-sintered metal, chrome-cobalt, titanium, glass-ceramic, and composite.

State of the Art Facilities, located in Cancun Golden Area:

  • Relaxing Venue- From the well-designed furniture and lighting to the snack bar and luxurious office setting, NeoDental Group works hard to ensure that every patient who walks through the doors is fully pampered and cared for. To alleviate the dental anxiety that some patients experience, NeoDental Group offers optional aromatherapy, nitrous oxide gas, and oral sedation techniques.

  • Comfortable Equipment-Additionally, each treatment suite is equipped with comfortable A-dec patient chairs that use pressure maps to ensure a comfortable experience during longer appointments.

The Best Service- NeoDental Group specializes in a wide range of general dental treatments, including preventive care, dental implants, dentures, Invisalign®, oral surgery, sedation dentistry, and wisdom tooth extraction. They also provide cosmetic dentistry services like teeth whitening, dental veneers, and complimentary cosmetic consultations, and are always available for emergency dental care.

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