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Porcelain Veneers

How about benefiting from dental contact lenses to conquer a beautiful new Hollywood smile?

They have become famous for their effectiveness in correcting imperfections, such as stains, diastemas (separated teeth), yellow teeth, overlaps, kinks, minor fractures, and caries. They also increase the size of the teeth and improve their shape, making them straighter, much more harmonious, and extremely beautiful.
Dental veneers are ultra-thin porcelain pieces with a 0.3 mm thickness, and once cemented, they get high resistance and a shallow risk of detachment or possible fractures.

They are, without a doubt, a guarantee of a natural, white and safer smile.

Everyone knows that the smile and the business card of any person, says a lot about the individual, at any time in life, whether in the conquest or in a professional interview.
If there is dissatisfaction with your smile and the goal is to adapt it, veneers are the appropriate alternative.

Due to the high technology of porcelain used to make veneers, they can be made very thin, without losing strength, combined with our minimally invasive philosophy, and it is possible to place it only on the front of your natural tooth with almost no preparation. or even without any preparation. In this way, in order to keep your tooth strong, useful and durable.

Veneers have an average durability of 15 years.

Veneers are sculpted piece by piece, requiring a mix of technical and artistic skill, as each patient has their own personal facial features and wishes. The use of highly technological materials gives the work incredible aesthetic levels and is highly resistant to stains from coffee, cigarettes, wine, tea, etc.
This is a totally safe treatment, totally painless and you can go back to your usual routine.

Composite Veneers

Composite resin is a less expensive material that is also tooth-colored and is often used for veneers.

Compared to their porcelain counterpart, composite resin veneers can wear out faster, resulting in a shorter lifespan of five to eight years.

If your composite must be fabricated in a laboratory, the procedure steps are the same as for porcelain veneers. (See above.)

However, composite veneers require little or no enamel removal. Your dentist may be able to do and place them during a single visit.

One-Visit Composite Veneer Application Procedure

Your dentist, in your office, will choose a shade and then sculpt the material directly onto your teeth to build the veneer that matches your smile.
High intensity light hardens the composite.
The final touch is smoothing and polishing the composite resin until it takes on a natural look.

Frequently asked Questions

Solve your doubts about composite dental veneers.

With the technique we use, it will not be necessary to wear your teeth; remember that if your teeth wear out, they will be damaged for the rest of their life.

After making the veneers you should use the same oral hygiene techniques; that is, the same dental floss, toothpaste and the same rinses. And every 6 months you should visit your dentist to do a deep cleaning and remove the stains that may accumulate from coffee, tea, wine, soft drinks, cigarettes, etc .; all of this can stain both natural teeth and artificial restorations.

Porcelain Veneers will last an average of 15 years, and Composite Veneers will last around 5 to 8 years.; after this time, they will be removed, and new ones can be placed without wearing down the teeth.

Together we will select the shape, size and color according to your face shape, skin tone, age, lifestyle and, of course, your aesthetic expectations. We will make some recommendations and we will accompany you in the process, but finally you will decide how you want your teeth to look; that is, longer, shorter, deeper or more protruding, thicker or thinner, etc.

Veneers have a high resistance to the impact of chewing and can break whenever something very hard is bitten; for that reason, you should avoid bones, ice, open soda, soda or packet with your teeth or if you get hit; In the same way, any dentist anywhere in the world can repair it.

Why Veneers?


They do not require anesthesia.

Immediate impact.

No need for temporary restorations

The aesthetic impact is immediate.

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