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“I didn’t expect that much actually. I knew probably it’s gonna be beautiful, but now I see my teeth like perfect and it’s not just like what I see from my eyes; it’s like everybody’s talking. My mom, she called me every day, because she wants to see them and she thinks ‘Oh my God, you’re right, they’re perfect, you find the right guy’. So yeah, it’s something incredible”.



“I don't talk much, but I think everyone understands that I mean that I like him. Before? I don't want to remember! My teeth were ugly, and now pretty; I highly recommend Neo Dental. "



“I was looking for someone who would make my desire to change in a very natural, and very professional way. Now I see myself in the mirror and I can't imagine what it was like before ... I would recommend the work 100% because there really is a before and after; They changed my smile and I feel much more secure, happier ”.

Ready to change your life? Schedule with us.

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